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Easy Report Veiwing

DMP Reports

Property Managers can access reports anytime of the day from their Client Portal. They can quickly review and print any information they wish. Our software also allows for reports to be directly emailed to clients. You can enjoy the convenience of reviewing a single Summary report that describes all the activity on the property for the past 24 hours.Activity Reports, Maintenance Reports, Arrest Reports, Warning Notices, Parking Violation, and Dispatch Calls can all be reviewed in a single email reducing the amount of emails in your inbox. You can also discover and review the clean, professional looking report.

Quickly Identify And Share Issues On Properties

DMP Portal

D.M.P. Security Software gives our Guards the tools they need to communicate issue to Property Managers. Our Guards are also able to produce Maintenance Reportsfor issues such as lighting problems, unsecure gates or fences, property damage--they may encounter on the property. These can be sent directly to the facilities manager so they can act quickly.

Maintenance Reports are also archived in our system, just like just like other report types, so you can search for past problems on the property. Maintenance Reports allow for graphic picture documentation as well as G.P.S. location to know exactly where those issues are located.

Increased Trust

DMP Maintenance

Many people have been over-promised and experienced sub-par deliveries on many products and services. The security industry is no different. The D.M.P. Security Portal can actually ensure you are getting the level of service you are paying for and were promised. Guards can perform Guard Tour Scans that verify they are actually checking various areas of the property

Each scan includes Date, Time, and G.P.S. Stamp of the Guards location at the time the scan was taken. DMP GPS This allows for confirmation of service, and both the company and the client know that the duties are being performed on an exemplary scale. You know longer have to wonder if the security companies Guards are performing their tasks. You can have the peace of mind that you know what, when, and where the Guards are doing at any given time during their shift.

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