D.M.P. Loss Prevention Services

At DMP Security, we take Loss Prevention seriously! Stopping loss via outside theft, embezzlement, and employee theft is our number 1 priority.

Despite growing investment in electronic article surveillance and other loss-prevention approaches, inventory loss in the United States has remained stubbornly high over the past 15 years, fluctuating between 1.54% and 1.95% of sales, according to the University of Florida’s annual National Retail Security Survey, with the average rate in 2006 being 1.59%. Longer supply chains, growing product assortments, and labor cuts have contributed to making loss prevention ever more challenging. Source: Harvard Business Review

Whether we are walking a store in plainclothes or making observations from hidden surveillance cameras, our Loss Prevention Officers keep an eye on shoppers as well as company personnel to ensure that property is not being stolen. This also includes the surveillance of exits and entrances, emergency exits, back rooms and delivery areas. At the same time, our Loss Prevention Officer also interacts with customers and employees to act as a deterrent against theft at the same time as acting as brand ambassadors for the company.

However, Loss Prevention is our #1 priority. Detaining shoplifters is a crucial duty of our Loss Prevention Officers. Once they have observed theft from a security camera or in person, Our Loss Prevention Officer will stop and question the suspect. Afterwards we’ll contact the local police department to assist us in the process. Our Loss Prevention Officers will complete all necessary paperwork regarding the incident and work with police and legal representatives in providing evidence needed to prosecute shoplifters per store or company policy. Our Loss Prevention Officers will act as witnesses if and when these cases go to court.

Our DMP Loss Prevention Officers are dedicated individuals who love going after and investaging those. who take advantage of the system. It's what drives us, knowing that our efforts help our clients be more profitable while putting those who do harm the the company in jail. Stop Loss with DMP Security Agency.


Every year, retailers are losing millions of dollars to theft and, unfortunately, one of the biggest causes comes from employee theft. Employee fraud can occur in any form, from something as little as “forgetting” to swipe a $1.00 transaction to funneling thousands of dollars into a personal account.

The main reasons employees typically commit fraud are :

  • Pressure and incentive – The employee may be experiencing financial stress
  • Opportunity – The employee has access to enough merchandise to feel that they can successfully commit fraud and also conceal it
  • Rationalization – The employee is able to justify the fraud based on performance or how they are treated at work

With employee fraud on the rise, revenue loss is higher than ever as a result of these crimes. Here are jaw-dropping statistics about employee fraud found by Static Brain in 2015:

Employee Theft Statistics:

  • Amount stolen annually from U.S. businesses by employees – $50 billion
  • Percent of annual revenues lost to theft or fraud – 7%
  • Percent of employees who have stolen at least once from their employer – 75%
  • Percent of employees who have stolen at least twice from their employer – 37.5%
  • Percent of all business bankruptcies caused by employee theft – 33%
  • Percent of theft by employees who had ideas stolen at work – 29%
  • Average time fraud occurs before detected – 2 years

Source: SheerID

Of all the losses that occurs in a company, the one that goes most unnoticed is employee theft. By having a loss prevention officer at your disposal 24 hours a day, your business can fight back against this hidden loss. The difference between us and hiring one in house is that we have personnel that incorporates competencies and best practices from multiple usinesses, not just trusting in one business culture. This allows us to think outside the box when looking sources of shrinkage. For small companies with small budgets, we just make sense. Only call us when you need us. This approach allows your company to redirect funds where they are needed the most. In addition to all of this, we can always supplement security guards, not only to secure and watch the premises, but to also ensure employees aren't robbing you blind.

Additionally, we can provide supplemental coverage to ensure your company has all of it's bases covered. With ever shrinking budgets, LP resources are being streched thin. That's where we come in! Instead of hiring a full time salaried person with benifits; save yourself even more money while increasing your profits by placing us within your business on an as needed basis. This allows your company the flexibilty of where and when you need LP services

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